From L to R: Dave, Andy, Martin Moretti, Nick, Dave

GroundForce is a dedicated team of friendly grounds staff with wide ranging skills

Hello, I’m Martin Moretti. I own GroundForce and manage the team on a daily basis, working closely with everyone to ensure we always provide the level of service and attention to detail our clients expect.

I’ve been working in the business since 1991, after leaving Norwood Hall horticultural college with qualifications in sports & turf management, landscape management and horticultural practice.

The team have varied backgrounds and specialisms including previous experience working on the golf courses of Wentworth, designing commercial estate gardens and maintenance of top class cricket pitches. All team members have qualifications for chemical application and are fully DBS checked. Our longest serving team member is Nick who’s been with us since 2000.

Many people ask me about the GroundForce name and how we’re related to the popular BBC TV show. We were around long before Alan Titchmarsh, Tommy Walsh and Charlie Dimmock were regularly changing the lives of people and their gardens. When they chose the same name as us we never imagined how many  emails, phone calls and letters we’d end up getting from people hoping to get in touch with them – we’ve never really minded though as we’re fans too!

Some of the requests and stories were genuinely touching and I did reply to the occasional one or two just so they could re-direct their request to the right people. Nowadays our postbag isn’t as bulging with fan-mail  but my GroundForce team are still going strong. We’d love to see them back on TV though so lets hope Charlie’s right about the 20th Anniversary revival.

If you think we can help with your Sports’ Ground maintenance then please get in touch.